tips mengatasi kode qris tidak bisa di scan  : Magazines – Tips Mengatasi Kode QRIS Tidak Bisa Di-scan – There are a number of causes that make it impossible for the QRIS code to be scanned or detected by a camera. Here are some things you may do to solve the problem if you encounter it.
Any QR payment method in Indonesia must be completed using the QR Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS).

QRIS is a method for conducting transactions using a QR code that has been standardized by Bank Indonesia and was introduced on August 17, 2019, with the aim of making transactions more straightforward, efficient, and secure. In addition to that, QRIS was developed by selecting a variety of programs related to money, both inclusive and noninclusive, and it has the ability to foster collaboration in the payment system.

It cannot be denied that the general populace, particularly the millenial and Gen-Z generations, are greatly impacted by the use of the QRIS feature. Trennya has been predicted to continue increasing in the year 2023. The following eight metrics have been introduced by BI that will improve happiness and QRIS productivity: universal, gampang, untung, and langsung that has been renamed UNGGUL.

Being a universal payment system, QRIS may accept any kind of payment from applications that use the QR code as a payment method. Not like before, when every kind of electronic currency had its own unique QR code, everything is now connected through QRIS. So, if you already have a long-standing QR code, would you still be transitioning it to a QRIS at this point?

If you use the QRIS scan code, the outlet will be able to accept any kind of electronic payment. What kind of digital wallet is that—Gopay, Ovo, LinkAja, DANA, or another one? If your outlet is already listed as a GOFOOD restaurant, GOPAY staff will provide you the QRIS code for your outlet. The same is true of other payment methods that will use the QRIS transaction code.

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Then, if you already use the QRIS code or are a regular user, there are a few causes that might cause you to be unable to scan the code, including your internet connection. Here is a solution for how to solve the problem if your customer is unable to make a payment because they are having trouble entering the QRIS restaurant code.

Assume your customers have access to the internet when you are making purchases at the restaurant.
If your customers have data packages, make sure the internet is operating at a stable or safe level.
Assume that your client has correctly entered the PIN for your electronic bank account.
Paste in a GoPay or other digital wallet number so that customers may complete payments.
The QRIS code must be in good condition. In the case of a cetakan, the image must be clearly visible.
Assume that the HP camera of the user has a resolution that is suitable for disabling the camera in order to do a QRIS scan.
Cobalah berganti tempat untuk melakukan scan, i.e. the room that is designated for the scanning of HP cameras.
If you’ve already looked at a few solutions below, but the payment you made earlier isn’t working out either, you may contact the digital service center that created your QRIS code.
These are some of our solutions for fixing your QRIS code if it won’t scan or pin it. May it be beneficial.

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